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Contact Form 7 – amoCRM – Integration | Contact Form 7 – amoCRM – Интеграция


Бессрочная лицензия на 1 сайт, 6 месяцев поддержки и обновлений (продление поддержки и обновлений на 1 год – 850 )

Продаж: 711

Версия: 2.14.0 | Последнее обновление: 16.05.2024

Артикул: CF7-AMO Категория: Метка:

Contact Form 7 amoCRM (Kommo) Интеграция это плагин интеграции с amoCRM (Kommo) для WordPress, который позволит вам легко отправить данные из ваших Contact Form 7 форм в ваш amoCRM (Kommo) аккаунт. После интеграции, отправленные формы будут автоматически добавлены как сделка, неразобранное или контакт в указанном аккаунте amoCRM (Kommo), вместе с дополнительными данными.

Основные возможности плагина:

  • Интегрирует ваши `Contact Form 7` формы с amoCRM (Kommo)
  • Вы можете выбрать, что формировать – сделку, неразобранное, или контакт.
  • Вы можете настроить в каждой форме, какие данные вы хотите получать.
  • Отправка в двух режимах: сразу при отправке формы или с небольшой задержкой через `Action Scheduler`.
  • Сделка создается вместе с созданием / связью (если уже есть существующий) контакта и компании. (если поля заполнены).
  • Поддержка создания задачи по сделке.
  • Пользовательские поля загружаются из CRM.
  • Поддержка загружаемых файлов (ссылки на файлы автоматически добавляются к примечанию).
  • Поддержка `utm` параметров из `URL`.
  • Поддержка отправки `roistat_visit` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_ym_uid` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `GA Client ID`.
  • Поддержка отправки `_fbp` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_fbc` cookie.
  • Поддержка нескольких воронок.
  • Отправляет данные Google Analytics вместе со сделкой CRM.
  • Нет ограничений по количеству форм Contact Form 7.

Будет работать с Kommo?

Да, конечно. Это все тот же amoCRM, только так называемая международная версия. Ранее даже домен был amocrm.com


  • Для работы плагина требуется `Contact Form 7` плагин.

История изменений


  • Feature: fallback for parsing utm from the referrer (#422).
  • Feature: more error handling behavior for requests (#382).


  • Fixed: clear missing `utm` (#373).
  • Fixed: redundant attempt to remove non-UTF characters (#356).


  • Feature: field `ga_utm` to stats section and prevent duplicate (#290).


  • Feature: new filter `itglx/cf7/amocrm/entity/unsorted/prepared-dataset` (#288).
  • Fixed: contact phone as mobile for `unsorted` (#285).
  • Fixed: applying `lead_fields_before_send` filter to `unsorted` (#283).


  • Feature: displaying `pipeline` and `stage` id in the `lead` field settings (#273).
  • Feature: additional check of the exact match of the result when searching by `email` (#239).


  • Feature: support sending `_fbc` cookie (#223).
  • Feature: support sending `_fbp` cookie (#222).
  • Feature: notification if `puc` is not loaded (#219).


  • Feature: fallback to extend token life (if rarely used) (#186).
  • Feature: improvement of the interface of the settings page (#166).
  • Fixed: support fields with `subtypes` (#185).


  • Feature: new filter `itglx/cf7/amocrm/ignore-sending` (#148).
  • Feature: improving contact/company search by `phone` – using only numbers (#145).


  • Fixed: compatible with `php` < 7.3 (#139).


  • Fixed: try to get `fields` data from CRM without `token` (#104).


  • Feature: new filter `itglx/cf7/amocrm/fields-after-form-submission` (#91).


  • Fixed: enqueue assets on the page for adding a new form (#67).
  • Fixed: checking built-in permissions `cf7` instead of additional (#66).


  • Fixed: loading `translation` by `user` locale (#53).
  • Fixed: update `pipeline` data cache (#51).


  • Feature: support for custom `task` types.
  • Feature: use `action scheduler` instead of `wp cron`.


  • Fixed: clear spaces from phone value before searching.


  • Fixed: possible data problem if presence of non `utf-8` symbols.


  • Feature: if a responsible person is assigned for the deal, then assign it to the company.


  • Fixed: styling and enqueue admin assets.
  • Fixed: compatibility with `SG Optimizer`.
  • Fixed: processing of uploaded files due to changes in CF7 5.4


  • Chore: use `webpack` to build assets.
  • Chore: remove the slash at the beginning and at the end of the domain, as the user can accidentally indicate this.
  • Fixed: creating an empty contact if the lead is successfully created and all contact fields are empty.
  • Chore: utm fields in the deal field list.
  • Fixed: selection of a value in the list, if the value contains an html entities.
  • Chore: optimization of work with tokens.
  • Fixed: loss of a link with leads when updating a contact.
  • Fixed: saving `Google Analytics Tracking ID` without re-specifying all fields.
  • Feature: added new shortcode – [formTitle].


  • Chore: drop old amo sdk.
  • Fixed: use of `_ga` cookie when sending via `wp cron`.
  • Fixed: creating a custom field for ga data lead.
  • Chore: minor improvements in downloading the log through the admin panel.
  • Fixed: send `incoming lead`.
  • Feature: send by wp cron (with a delay) or immediately.


  • Fixed: send lead sale value.
  • Chore: processing disabled integration error.
  • Feature: the ability to indicate that the contact’s phone is mobile, by default the phone is set as work.


  • Chore: ability to change the redirect link for integration.
  • Feature: if a responsible person is assigned for the deal, then assign it to the task and contact.
  • Feature: authorization process in amoCRM changed to oauth2 (using api key is no longer relevant).


  • Chore: more flexible resolving user ip.
  • Fixed: save utm tags method name.
  • Fixed: send enum fields.
  • Feature: reset fields cache by button without cron.
  • Chore: use composer autoloader.
  • Feature: ability to send a value from any cookie.


  • Chore: show only deal stages in select.
  • Fixed: show checked state `update contact` checkbox.
  • Chore: apply filter `itglx_cf7amo_lead_fields_before_send` for lead fields in `unsorted`.
  • Feature: added new filter `itglx_cf7amo_lead_fields_before_send`.
  • Feature: update for an existing contact (search by phone and email).
  • Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.
  • Feature: added the ability to log (disabled by default).


  • Chore: the list of users id is displayed next to the field of the responsible.
  • Fixed: contact processing.
  • Feature: creating a company.
  • Feature: ability to disable data `ip, user agent, date and time, referrer` in a note.


  • Fixed: blank values for missing utm.
  • Fixed: check maybe no extension `php-mbstring`.
  • Feature: creating a task for a deal.


  • Chore: view enhancement in admin panel.
  • Fixed: compatibility `GeoIP Detection`.
  • Feature: Support sending cookie `_ym_uid` to CRM.
  • Feature: ability to specify one contact id for all leads.
  • Feature: populate the value of the select and multiselect field from the form field.


  • Fixed: create note by type `lead`.
  • Feature: use any `utm_` params in `URL`.
  • Feature: multiple responsible user.
  • Chore: change send form hook to `wpcf7_mail_sent`.


  • Feature: Support for `GA Client ID`.
  • Fixed: special mail tags support.
  • Feature: Support list and multilist field.
  • Feature: Support sending cookie `roistat_visit` to CRM.


  • Feature: Search for an existing (by phone and email) contact, before creating a new one (by deal type).
  • Feature: Support for `utm` params in `URL` to use in custom fields.
  • Fixed: The name of the `unsorted` does not contain the name of the form.
  • Feature: Support for many pipeline.


  • Feature: Support for uploaded files. Links to them are automatically added to the `note`.
  • Fixed: Check whether plugin `Contact Form 7` is active on the `Network`.


  • Changed: send for a `note` to a `contact – now not only `incoming leads`.
  • Added: creating a deal with a contact.
  • Added: send `note` (ip, user agent, date and time, referrer …) for `contact` (only incoming leads).


  • Fixed: save form settings.
  • Fixed: duplicate analytics fields in CRM.
  • Added: Ability to send `incoming lead`.


  • Fixed: Google Analytics data – utm_source param.
  • Added: Sends Google Analytics data with lead to CRM.


  • Initial public release.
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