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WooCommerce – amoCRM – Integration | WooCommerce – amoCRM – Интеграция


Бессрочная лицензия на 1 сайт, 6 месяцев поддержки и обновлений (продление поддержки и обновлений на 1 год – 1,000 )

Продаж: 428

Версия: 2.32.1 | Последнее обновление: 27.10.2023

Артикул: WC-AMO Категория: Метка:

WooСommerce amoCRM (Kommo) Интеграция это плагин интеграции с amoCRM (Kommo) для WordPress, который позволит вам легко отправить ваши WooCommerce заказы в ваш amoCRM (Kommo) аккаунт. После интеграции, создаваемые заказы будут автоматически добавлены, как сделка в указанном аккаунте amoCRM (Kommo), вместе с дополнительными данными.

Основные возможности плагина:

  • Интегрирует `WooCommerce` заказы с amoCRM (Kommo).
  • Интегрирует `WooCommerce` клиентов с amoCRM (Kommo).
  • Создание сделки происходит вместе с созданием / привязкой контакта и компании. (если поля заполнены)
  • Пользовательские поля загружаются из CRM.
  • Отправка данных о товарах из заказа в сделку (в примечании).
  • Поддерживает “Товары” в amoCRM (если работа с “Товары” включена в вашем аккаунте, то плагин будет автоматически создавать товары в списке и привязывать их к сделке).
  • Поддержки отправки изменений статуса заказа.
  • Поддержка получения изменения статуса заказа из CRM (через вебхук amoCRM (Kommo) – работа с вебхуками доступна в amoCRM (Kommo) на планах начиная с “Расширенный”).
  • Поддержка создания задачи по сделке.
  • Отправка в двух режимах: сразу при оформлении/смене статуса или с небольшой задержкой через `Action Scheduler`.
  • Поддержка `utm` параметров `URL`.
  • Поддержка отправки `roistat_visit` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `GA Client ID` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_ym_uid` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_fbp` cookie.
  • Поддержка отправки `_fbc` cookie.
  • Поддержка нескольких воронок.
  • Возможность ручной массовой отправки заказов.
  • Поддержка отправки данных из блока `Заказ заметки`.

Будет работать с Kommo?

Да, конечно. Это все тот же amoCRM, только так называемая международная версия. Ранее даже домен был amocrm.com


  • Для работы плагина требуется плагин `WooCommerce` версии не ниже 3.5.*

История изменений


  • Fixed: using `meta_query` through `wc_get_orders` (#379).


  • Feature: send cards `pw-woocommerce-gift-cards` (#375).
  • Feature: deferred processing of `customer` create/update (#373).
  • Feature: support `HPOS` (#367).
  • Fixed: update checkbox state for `textarea` in `lead` fields (#365).


  • Feature: exclude link with the amo product when duplicating the product (#330).
  • Feature: ability to add custom product fields through the filter by `code` value (#324).
  • Feature: displaying status id, stage and pipeline on status mapping tab (#296).


  • Fixed: handling option `do_not_update_contact` (#295).
  • Fixed: loss of prefix ‘+’ when merging phones (#294).


  • Feature: new filter `itglx/wc/amocrm/product-catalog-id` (#292).
  • Fixed: generate `order_product_cat_name_list` for `variable` (#290).


  • Fixed: `quantity` by item, if there are several identical items in the `order` (#285).


  • Feature: new tag `[order_product_titles_with_quantity_list]` (#256).
  • Feature: notification if `puc` is not loaded (#253).


  • Feature: support sending `_fbc` cookie (#211).
  • Feature: support sending `_fbp` cookie (#209).


  • Feature: improving contact/company search by `phone` – using only numbers (#171).


  • Fixed: processing field with `subtypes` when creating/updating `contact` by `user` (#164).


  • Feature: optional update `company` (#146).
  • Feature: optional disabling `email` and `phone` merging for a `contact` (#145).


  • Feature: new tag `[order_total_height]` (#140).
  • Feature: new tag `[order_total_width]` (#139).
  • Feature: new tag `[order_total_length]` (#138).


  • Feature: exact match check when searching `product` by `name` (#125).


  • Feature: ability to delete from all products the link with `crm` product (#120).
  • Feature: try to find a product by `sku` before by name (#119).


  • Feature: fallback to extend token life (if rarely used) (#106).
  • Feature: reverse integration, don’t trust the `status` from the `request` data and get directly (#105).


  • Fixed: sending `notes` to the `lead`.


  • Feature: existing contact, merge instead of replacement for `phone` and `email` (#63).
  • Feature: optional sending data from block `Order notes` to `lead` notes (#62).


  • Feature: shortcodes to customer `user` data (#60).
  • Feature: cancel the recurring task if there are no orders (#58).


  • Fixed: loading `translation` by `user` locale (#57).


  • Feature: added filter `itglx/wc/amocrm/order/contact-fields`.
  • Feature: added filter `itglx/wc/amocrm/customer/contact-fields`.
  • Feature: a permanent link between `user` on the site and `contact` (#55).
  • Feature: `responsible` for the `deal` according to the data of an existing `contact` (#54).


  • Feature: ability to clear the send queue (bulk send) (#52).


  • Fixed: do not register a new job to send, only if there is a pending job.


  • Fixed: set `ga` and `yc` values.


  • Feature: a permanent link between the `product` on the site and in the ‘crm`.
  • Feature: add new filter `itglx/wc/amocrm/amo-product-custom-fields`.
  • Feature: set value `sku` for product in `amo`.
  • Feature: support for custom `task` types.
  • Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.
  • Fixed: `utm` data loss during delayed sending.


  • Feature: use `action scheduler` to execute the order sending event instead `wp cron`.


  • Feature: added new filter `itglx_wcamo_do_not_send_order`.


  • Feature: show item weight and dimensions in note.


  • Fixed: generate content with variation attributes for `[order_item_titles_list_with_variation_info]`.
  • Feature: added new tag [order_item_titles_list_with_variation_info].


  • Feature: additional bulk send option (all or not yet sent).


  • Chore: returned subscription to hook `woocommerce_order_status_changed`, as required on older versions.
  • Feature: redesigned process of sending data through mass actions with orders, to achieve greater stability.


  • Fixed: pipeline when creating a deal immediately at the last stages.
  • Chore: added new filter `itglx_wcamo_update_product_price_after_creation`.
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_status_title].
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_status_id].


  • Chore: filterable lead timestamps.
  • Chore: more logs in the process of preparing products.
  • Feature: support sending cookie `_ym_uid`.
  • Feature: added new tags – [order_comments], [order_total_without_shipping_and_tax].


  • Fixed: access to the order object when updating fields.
  • Fixed: re-setting the amount in the lead after filling in the products so that the value of the amount exactly matches the site.
  • Feature: ability to disable sending status changes.
  • Feature: optional sending changes by fields when sending status changes (or order changed) for a lead (after the first data sending).


  • Fixed: fired send when renew order `WooCommerce Subscriptions`.
  • Chore: use `webpack` to build assets.
  • Feature: ability to delete all order links with amoCRM leads.


  • Chore: ability to change the redirect link for integration.
  • Feature: set only one last matching status, since if one stage is specified in several statuses, then this creates several status change events (amo webhook processing).
  • Feature: show shipping item meta data from the plugin `WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus`
  • Feature: show shipping item meta data in note.


  • Chore: minor improvements in downloading the log through the admin panel.
  • Chore: show lead id in order list.
  • Chore: remove the slash at the beginning and at the end of the domain, as the user can accidentally indicate this.
  • Fixed: added delay when processing amocrm event, since this can create an incorrect behavior with a reverse change in order status.
  • Fixed: compatibility with WP 5.5
  • Chore: clean auth code after ajax check.
  • Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.4
  • Chore: maybe empty fields in `order` section checkout fields.
  • Fixed: create amo product process.
  • Chore: processing disabled integration error.
  • Fixed: the logic of checking the integration activity when displaying an item in the bulk actions of the order list.
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_currency].
  • Feature: authorization process in amoCRM changed to oauth2 (using api key is no longer relevant).


  • Feature: added new tag – [order_total_weight].
  • Chore: more logs.
  • Feature: send by wp cron (with a delay) or immediately.
  • Feature: added new tags – [payment_method_id], [shipping_method_id].


  • Fixed: send enum fields.
  • Feature: more supports fields `Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce`.
  • Feature: added field to create additional note for the lead.
  • Feature: added new tag – [shipping_price].


  • Fixed: processing send field with subtypes.
  • Chore: a more convenient field option when setting for the field type is `long text`.
  • Chore: clear spaces from phone number before searching.
  • Chore: more logs.
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_coupon_list].
  • Feature: use new api to create lead.
  • Chore: added notice if `status mapping` not configured.
  • Feature: reset fields cache by button without cron.


  • Chore: use composer autoloader.
  • Chore: show only deal stages in select.
  • Fixed: the menu item is not displayed when using `Admin Menu Editor`.
  • Fixed: if a responsible person is assigned for the deal, then assign it to the task.
  • Feature: support for processing any meta order values (value must be written before the order is sent to crm).


  • Fixed: if a responsible person is assigned for the deal, then assign it to the contact.
  • Chore: ability to override the log file path.
  • Chore: the list of users id is displayed next to the field of the responsible.
  • Feature: multiple responsible user.


  • Feature: new filter `itglx_wcamo_lead_fields`.
  • Chore: more logs.
  • Feature: show item meta data in note.


  • Chore: sku added to product list in note.
  • Chore: more logs.
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_product_titles_list].


  • Feature: support amoCRM products.


  • Feature: added new tag – [order_product_cat_name_list].


  • Fixed: check whether the order was sent to CRM.


  • Feature: added the ability to log (disabled by default).


  • Fixed: handling deleted products when sending orders.


  • Fixed: getting real payment method title.
  • Fixed: using the delivery date from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce`.


  • Feature: using the delivery date from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce`.


  • Fixed: contact processing.


  • Fixed: getting the list of fields on the settings page.


  • Feature: added new tag – [order_product_sku_list].
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_product_titles_by_product_cat_:cat_id].


  • Feature: deal creation date is the order creation date.
  • Feature: added new tag – [order_create_date].


  • Chore: added new tag – [shipping_method_title].


  • Feature: populate the value of the select and multiselect field from the form field (lead).


  • Feature: using the delivery date from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (Lite version)`.


  • Fixed: create task process.
  • Fixed: missed required task field.


  • Feature: creating a task for a deal.
  • Feature: sending the name of the payment method in a note.


  • Fixed: the name of the shipping method with zero cost was not sent.
  • Fixed: compatibility with `Woocommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife`.


  • Feature: added new tag – [order_admin_edit_link].
  • Feature: ability add a link to the order on the site in the note.


  • Feature: ability create companies.


  • Feature: ability to delete orders when deleting a lead.
  • Feature: ability to specify one contact id for all leads.


  • Feature: compatibility with `WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor`.
  • Feature: compatibility with `WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons`.
  • Feature: the ability to disable contact updates.


  • Feature: Bulk sending orders to CRM.


  • Feature: Getting lead status changes from CRM (via webhook amoCRM).


  • Feature: Support for `GA Client ID`.
  • Fixed: compatibility with `Booster for WooCommerce` custom checkout fields.
  • Fixed: compatibility with `WP Crowdfunding`.


  • Feature: Updating the data in an existing contact.
  • Feature: Create / update a contact when user registering / updates profile information.


  • Feature: The name of the deal can be specified by a template.
  • Feature: Added new tags – [order_number] [first_product_title] [payment_method_title].


  • Feature: Support for sending status changes.


  • Feature: Support sending cookie `roistat_visit` to CRM.


  • Initial public release.
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